Anna has extensive experience researching cognition in childhood developmental disorders. Her early work focussed upon understanding the neural correlates underpinning executive dysfunction in ADHD. More recently, she has focussed upon the neuropsychological deficits observed in childhood epilepsy.

Anna is currently working on two pedigree studies: one of these studies involves linkage analysis within a unique family where Rolandic Epilepsy occurs, to explore potential biomarkers for literacy related phenotypes. The second study focusses upon a novel endophenotype of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) known as Brain Network Ictogenicity (BNI) to localise susceptibility genes in families where JME occurs. She aims to collect neuropsychological data to understand whether the presence of this EEG endophenotype predicts neuropsychological deficits.

She is also currently working on the development of a tablet based tool that aims to measure the effects of sleep on executive function, memory for language and spatial location.

  • PhD, Psychology
  • Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) (pending)
Core Expertise
  • Literacy and Language assessment
  • Executive function
  • Functional MRI
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