Andrea Biondi

Andrea is a neuroscientist and psychologist with a strong interest in wearable technology, digital health, psychophysiology and neuroscience.

Currently, he works as a research associate on the IMPARTS project at King’s College London, under the supervision of Prof Mark Richardson and Prof Deb Pal. This project aims to bridge the gap between mental and physical health care in epilepsy management within Kings Health Partners.

Previously, during his PhD in Clinical Neuroscience, Andrea led the EEG@HOME project during his doctoral studies. This initiative aimed to develop a safe and independent procedure for epilepsy patients to collect daily EEG data at home, alongside continuous data from smartwatches and smartphone apps. Ultimately, Andrea aims to construct a model based on these datasets to identify periods of heightened seizure risk, contributing to the advancement of remote monitoring and management of epilepsy patients in digital health.

His primary focus now lies within the IMPARTS project, where he continues to explore the integration of mental and physical health care in epilepsy management.

Previous experience:
  • Oct 2019 – March 2023. Andrea worked as a PhD student in Clinical Neuroscience leading the EEG@HOME project. The main aim was to develop a procedure that would allow patients with epilepsy to independently and safely collect daily at-home EEG and continuous data from smartwatches and smartphone apps.
  • Sep 2017 – Sep 2019. Andrea worked as a research assistant on the RADAR epilepsy work package. This is one of eleven work packages in the Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse in Central Nervous System Disorders (RADAR-CNS) Project. Andrea closely supervises the collection of clinical information and data from wearable devices (ECG, GSR, EMG, ACC), clinical EEGs, questionnaires, and interviews with patients in the hospital EEG monitoring unit.
  • Feb 2017 – Jul 2017.  Andrea was a volunteer at Ancona (Italy) one of the most valued Hospital for geriatric and neurological diseases (I.N.R.C.A.). He evaluated patients with different kinds of dementia (Fronto-Temporal, Alzheimer or Dysexecutive) using standardised neuropsychological tests.
  • Nov 2015 – Nov 2016.  During his one-year apprenticeship, he worked for six months at the Besta Hospital in Milan while he improved his neuropsychological skills and six months at the King’s College of London using TMS and EEG to record TMS-evoked-potential and he learnt how to use Fieldtrip and others software for the analysis of TMS-EEG data.
  • Sept 2014 – Sep 2015. During his master’s degree, he spent one year as a neuropsychologist trainee at the Lex-Mea Lab (Padua University) and in the Department of Neuroscience and Psychiatry at Padua Hospital for collecting behavioural and electrophysiological data using neuropsychological questionnaires and EEG.
  • 1st October 2023 – Awarded as a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Neuroscience.
  • 20th Oct 2017 – Registered in the “Register of Italian Psychologists” after “State Examination”. N: 2820
  • 2013 – 2015 – Master’s Degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (Summa Cum Laude – Distinction)
  • 2010 – 2013 – Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology
Core expertise:
  • EEG, EEG-TMS & EEG-fMRI data acquisition;
  • EEG data analysis;
  • Semi-structured Interview and qualitative data analysis;
  • Systematic Review of the literature;
  • Research ethics and governance
  • Patient and public involvement (PPI)
  • Neuropsychological/Psychological and Cognitive Assessment.
  • Neuroscience;
  • Remote monitoring;
  • Digital Health;
  • Wearable Technology;
  • Clinical Neuropsychology;
Profile links:
Scientific publications:
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Conference presentations:
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