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Electroencephalogram (EEG) features in Rolandic Epilepsy – an update from Stuart Smith (PhD student)

By January 17, 2019Team

My name is Stuart Smith and I’m a PhD student within the Pal Lab team. I am currently writing up my PhD project. The latest chapter investigates EEG features in children with Rolandic epilepsy in active epilepsy and seizure remission. The chapter is divided into qualitative and quantitative assessments. The qualitative section describes the appearance and locations of EEG abnormalities seen in active Rolandic epilepsy, when they cease to appear and how this relates with seizure remission. The quantitative section uses computational analysis of EEG resting state data to provide measures of frequency components. These data are used to identify if there are any changes in the resting state EEG between active epilepsy and seizure remission. The data and analysis from this chapter will also form part of the final chapter investigating how measures of brain function and structure relate to cognitive abilities.