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Symposium Proceedings on Idiopathic Focal Epilepsies Featured on the ILAE Website

By November 14, 2016April 3rd, 2018Research News

The Pal Lab’s symposium with international working groups on idiopathic focal epilepsies is proud to be featured on the on the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) website news section. In the ILAE 2010 revision, idiopathic focal epilepsies (IFE) of childhood were not officially recognised (Berg et al., 2010). However, IFE is one of the most frequently encountered epilepsy syndromes among children. An improved understanding of this disorder can provide valuable insight for both epilepsy researchers and clinicians.

With the help of a sponsorship from the Waterloo Foundation in June 2012, the Pal Lab partnered with an international group of clinical and basic science researchers in London in order to deliberate and understand the issues related to IFEs. The symposium resulted in the establishment of international working groups under the umbrella of “Luke‘s Idiopathic Focal Epilepsy Project” (LIFEP). During this collaboration, the groups explored the various elements of IFEs including: semiology and classification, genetics, cognition, sleep, high-frequency oscillations, and parental resources. An additional workshop took place in June 2014 and investigated randomised controlled trials in IFEs and overnight learning outcome parameters.

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