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Pal Neuro Lab Response to the Murder of George Floyd

By June 19, 2020October 1st, 2020Other Announcements

We acknowledge the inequalities in our field and the role that discrimination on ethnicity and sex, among other factors, plays in the current landscape of research and medicine. King’s College London is taking serious steps towards redressing these historical injustices, for example by pledging to represent its student diversity among the faculty. We also pledge to reflect on our role, as one research lab, in maintaining iniquities of access and representation. As well as educating ourselves in the salient issues of culture and history, we are changing the way that student placements are offered and will preferentially accept applications from south London state schools in the future.

Professor Deb Pal – Head of Laboratory
Amber Collingwood – Project Manager
Stephanie Oates – Epilepsy Genetic Counsellor
Holly Crudgington – Research Worker
Anna Hall – Research assistant

Amy Shakeshaft – MRC Doctoral Fellow

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