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Pal Lab @ Pint of Science 2017

By April 5, 2017April 3rd, 2018Other Announcements

On Monday 3rd April Dr Laura Addis took part in the Pint of Science 2017 Launch at the Thamesis pub in Vauxhall.

Pint of Science is a festival that brings scientists to pubs across the country to talk about their latest research to people like you! Listeners don’t need any prior knowledge to attend and its a great chance to meet the people responsible for the future of science, listen to them talk and then have a chat about their research.

At the event Laura spoke about her work identifying the genetic causes of childhood epilepsy, and specifically about her recent studies characterising how mutations in a gene called GRIN2A cause the protein made by that gene to malfunction in epilepsy. She then went on to discuss the concept and emerging reality of personalised medicine – where an individual will be given a specific treatment based on their genetic diagnosis, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. The launch event was really successful with five speakers in total and an enthusiastic and engaged crowd.

If you would like to attend future Pint of Science events just search here.