Anna joined the team in October 2018 as a research administrative assistant, working on REGAIN, BIOJUME and CASTLE projects.

Previously she has been a freelance facilitator and roleplay actor in clinical communication teaching and assessment for undergraduate and postgraduate examinations. She has worked with St Georges University (SGUL), Barts and the London (QMUL), the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM) and the Royal College of Paramedics (RCP).

In her current role, Anna is responsible for site set-up and governance processes, kit management, sample handling, data quality checking and maintaining communication with sites.

Outside of the lab, Anna enjoys playing the guitar, writing and producing music, and hot yoga.

  • Anna is currently studying at Birkbeck College (Social Sciences BSc).
  • NHS Study amendments, site set-up and governance process.