Alice joined the team following completion of her PhD at University of Birmingham, which was focused on the impact of sleep and neurodevelopmental traits on quality of life in children with epilepsy. She also has previous experience as an assistant psychologist across paediatric epilepsy and neurodevelopmental services within the NHS.


Alice now works as a research associate on the IMPARTS project at Kings College London under supervision of Prof Deb Pal and Prof Mark Richardson. This project aims to implement a clinical tool in epilepsy services within Kings health partners, with the hope of bridging the gap between mental and physical health care in epilepsy management.



2014-2017: BSc Psychology (University of Birmingham)

2017-2018:MSc Clinical Applications of psychology (University of Warwick)

2018-2022: PhD Psychology: The Impact Of Sleep And Neurodevelopmental Characteristics On Quality Of Life In Children With Epilepsy (University of Birmingham)


Core Expertise

  • Actigraphy data analysis
  • Psychological assessment
  • Systematic Review and meta-analysis
  • Research ethics and governance
  • Patient and public involvement (PPI)



  • Winsor, A. A., Richards, C., Bissell, S., Seri, S., Liew, A., & Bagshaw, A. P. (2021). Sleep disruption in children and adolescents with epilepsy: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 101416.
  • Winsor, A. A., Flowe, H. D., Seale-Carlisle, T. M., Killeen, I. M., Hett, D., Jores, T., … & Colloff, M. F. (2021). Child witness expressions of certainty are informative. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 150(11), 2387.


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