Holly joined the team shortly after finishing a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at UCL. She has experience as an honorary assistant psychologist within the NHS, and have brought some of the skills from these roles with her into her current research assistant role. She is responsible for a project called CHOICE (core health outcomes in childhood epilepsy) which involves reviewing literature to collate into a core set of outcomes. These outcomes will be used in a Delphi Survey that parents of children with rolandic epilepsy, children and professionals can participate in. Participants of the survey can rate which outcomes are important to them. This work will inform the later CASTLE clinical trial. Her interests include mental health research, conservation and music.

  • MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences (University College London)
  • BSc Pscyhology (University of Roehampton)
Core Expertise
  • Literature/Systematic reviewing
  • Ethical approval processes for research
  • Recruiting and testing partipants in research
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